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We are specialized in designing and converting any type of CAD Layout. Our well-defined service vision aligns with the client requirements, priorities and pursue for creating measurable values. We have excellent infrastructure, skills and technological capabilities to create and deliver value-added services at all given times.It has become a challenge to manage and organize increasing volumes of documents. The Reverse engineering of these documents into a digital format has become the most effective way of maintaining them. This process is defined as paper to CAD conversion.



Our teams of Mechanical engineers, Draftsmen’s & Designer are well expertise in using the CAD (DWG, DXF). Using our knowledge and experience with product lifecycle management, mechanical design solutions can help your company speed development and increase revenue through faster conception-to-market times. 


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3D Printing Services CAD Outsourcing India I CAD Drafting Services | CAD Designing Services | CAD Conversion Services | CAD Outsource to India | CAD Outsource to Meerut India | 3D Printing Meerut India | Miniature Model Making Using a technology called 3D printing, Itech Designs can turn your designs into reality. Just send us your design data for a quotation and when you are ready to order we will 3D print it and ship it to you, it is as simple as that. This service is available to anybody, we supply to businesses we also supply individuals who can benefit from the 3D printing process.


A technical drawing created in computer 3D model or hand-drawn schematic showing all the dimensions necessary to manufacture a part, as well as assembly notes, a list of required materials, and other pertinent information. Our mechanical engineer are skilled worker who creates technical drawings may be referred to as a drafter or draftsman. Drafting has historically been a two-dimensional process, but computer-aided design (CAD) programs now allow the designer to create in three dimensions. Our teams of Mechanical engineers, Draftsmen's & Designer are well expertise in using the CAD (DWG, DXF).


Design Fundamentals acquaint you with the core elements of Automobile designing and helps you get a comprehensive understanding basic of automobile manufacturing. Under this course the following topics will be covered:


We provide services ranging from rapid technical advice over the telephone through to large-scale, multi-disciplinary on-site support. We can visit you to assess your existing production processes and provide a cost effective solution by identifying and rectifying issues.


Our experienced team can understand your requirements and offers comprehensive and customized architectural CAD drafting services at competitive prices and within short turnaround time. SK Designs follows CAD standards as per your specifications and ensures various elements on the drawings are layered as per your guidelines to maintain consistency and integrity. We help our client leverage the competitive advantages – cost advantage and quality advantage – over its competitors with our cost effective and quality-driven services developed in India

Reverse Engineering

The project is about application of reverse engineering. Reverse engineering helps in obtaining the geometry of part or product which is not available otherwise. Currently this part is not available in the market as it is out dated and drawing of the component does not exist. As the part is no longer available it has to be made in-house so it will require all activities from designing to rapid prototyping. The part geometry is first obtained with the help of scanning technology. T

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We have various design and development centers in Meerut. We are specialized in designing and converting any type of CAD Layout. Our well-defined service vision aligns with the client requirements, priorities and pursue for creating measurable values. We have excellent infrastructure, skills and technological capabilities to create and deliver value-added services at all given times.

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our engineering services can take you from design right through to product development and equipment and product upgrades.

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Skdesigntech experience among Mechanical Engineering Design Companies means that your products will be engineered to comply with all applicable industry standards and regulations by validating mechanical designs, optimizing product design, and prototyping of critical components, we can work with you to deliver superior design and production friendly.


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skdesigntech will follow based on clients flexibility for supposing he wants to go with one particular module on that board we will follow the same, Also addition, it provides ease in repairing, maintaining, or replacing a part of the device in the event the part were to fail.

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The heavy infusion of high-end technology into the design and construction of structures, Architectural Engineering has emerged as one


Architecture and Construction made our dream kitchen and bathrooms a reality! They offered innovative insights for the designs and delivered a final product that was stunning. All team members were very professional and dependable. We would definitely recommend and use for future projects.


One of the best methods for reducing manufacturing costs is to reduce the number of parts in a product design. Fewer parts often lead to less sourcing, development, purchasing, assembly, testing, and development time among others

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The first is product development when the entire design documentation is produced based on the customer, market, and financial demands. The production requires manufacturing equipment, like machine tools, tools, molds, etc. And if there are no exist, we have to make them. Then the manufacturing equipment has to purchase or formulate, which sometimes needs a lot of time and it has a powerful cost. The last step is production, which indicates part production and assembly.
Workspaces are sets of menus, toolbars, palettes, and ribbon control panels that are grouped and organized so that we can work in a custom, task-oriented drawing environment. When we use a workspace, only the menus, toolbars, and palettes that are relevant to a task are displayed.
In CAD, the .dwg file format is utilized for design, it can be an interchangeable form. The file format which is interchangeable has the extension as DXF and works data operability.
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